Excessive dawn (edawn) is a free Quake 3 Arena mod, with numerous improvements, both client and server side.

Biggest feature is the fact you can tweak almost every single aspect of the game, from weapon behaviour to making your own mini gametypes.
All powered by a tweaked netcode.

Mod works with any Quake 3 version that uses QVM (quake virtual machine): vanilla Q3 Arena, open arena, ioquake3, whatever executable you might make yourselves...

Excessive Dawn 1.6.2

New stable version of Edawn mod is released, 1.6.2 You can download it at http://edawn-mod.org/binaries/edawn-1.6.2.exe

IRC spam

Due to massive irc bot spam, until further notice our irc channel has the password: edawn

Quake 3 1.32e update

Our mod executable has been updated, you can get the new version at http://www.edawn-mod.org/binaries/quake3-1.32e.zip You can find more info on the changes at viewtopic.php?f=5&t=7

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edawn @ discord

Come to irc!

Quakenet.org #edawn

Or connect over the quakenet web client (channel edawn)