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Edawn 1.2.2

PostPosted: 2012-06-14 20:36:16
by Cyrax
Bugfix release for v.1.2

You can download smart installer] or zip-archive for experienced users

Installation for experienced users: remove any other *.pk3 files you have in edawn directory, extract zip archive contents in your Quake III Arena game folder


Fix: buffer overflow in bot code
Fix: bot weapon info
Fix: armor pickup
Fix: bug in RegisterItemVisuals()
Fix: splash damage detection function
Fix: (auto)record doesn't performed when joining game without warmup
Fix: wait few frames before taking screenshot after stoprecord
Fix: few potential crashers
Add: allow spectating native models in ffa/duel/sp
Chg: increase bfg/rocket bounds to [-1.0..+1.0]

You can try it now:

Re: Edawn 1.2.2

PostPosted: 2012-07-02 21:45:09
by Christiaan
Very nice!