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Quake3 1.32e

PostPosted: 2010-12-16 20:44:14
by Cyrax
This is improved client for playing Quake 3 Arena mods, introduces many fixes and improvements comparing to last official ID's 1.32c version and with just one little issue (no PB support)

Can be downloaded from ...
Permanent link to latest binary:
Sources now located in public Quake3e github repository

outdated - Current multiview patch
Multiview binaries will be not built in near future due to incoming server code changes

List of major changes/features:
* 64-bit support
* many security, performance and bug fixes
* much improved autocompletion (map, demo, exec and other commands)
* unlagged raw(win32) mouse input
* \in_minimize - hotkey for minimize/restore main window (direct replacement for Q3Minimizer)
* reduced CPU power usage (com_maxfps+com_yieldCPU, suitable for notebooks)
* reduced hunk memory usage for dedicated servers
* fast client downloads (native + http/ftp/smb redirection)
* ALSA support


* Experimental: unconditionally complete \callvote command and its arguments for all mods
* Print screenshot filename after executing render commands so it won't appear on screenshot itself
* Add engine extension system, remove old r_floatfix hack
* Allow multiple mirror views to be rendered
* Fix non-working depth/stencil tests for extra refdefs in \r_bloom 2 mode
* Fix crash caused by window movements during map load

* Revert "Fix ^^ rendering in game console" due to mods compatibility problems

* Add \cl_mapAutoDownload - automatic map download from cl_dlURL for non-pure servers and demo playback, disabled by default
* Add \r_bloom 2 - experimental high-quality bloom, use with \r_fbo 1, parameters:
\r_bloom2_threshold - bloom filter sensitivity
\r_bloom2_cap - max.resulting bloom intensity applied to original image
* Add pk3dir feature, backported from ioq3 with some differences, works only with sv_pure 0
* Client echo/print packet security fix
* Win32: fix alt key hang
* Win32: fix AltGr+Enter hotkey on non-US layouts
* Win32: block monitor shutoff on battery
* Fix ^^ rendering in game console
* FBO-related fixes

* Add \in_forceCharset 2 - to use physical EN/US layout, this is obviously incompatible with AZERTY keyboards but useful for UK/RU layouts
* Add \r_fbo - opengl framebuffer support, partially backported from cnq3, disabled by default
- gamma correction in windowed mode
- support for screenshots/video recording with larger resolutions
- allow window minimizing during video recording
* Increase max.count of file handles in win32, needed for defrag mod
* Detect and verbose a weird opengl error under linux
* Range check \r_gamma and \r_intensity cvars
* Fix '.' translation on numpad
* Fix last-standing frameloss bug (stuck waves at very big sv.leveltime)
* Fix early print to client console
* Remove non-archive flag for \rate
* Remove \r_measureOverdraw
* MinGW compilation support
* Win32: parse and set vid_xpos and vid_ypos from command line
- for dedicated binary it will set console position
- for client binary it will set main window position
* Win32: correctly restore main window position from vid_xpos and vid_ypos in multi monitor configurations
* Disable DPI scaling on windows 10

* Rename \in_forceLayout to \in_forceCharset and perform translation only for non-ASCII chars

* Add negative \r_picmip values support - to apply picmip only on worldspawn textures

* Experimental: add CVAR_NODEFAULT flag - to avoid writing cvar into config file if its value matching reset(default) string
this will reduce config file size and will help with upgrading archive cvars that most users never changing
also it will increase cross-plaftorm config compatibility for cases where some archive cvars may have different default values on different platforms
* Add \in_forceLayout - to use EN/US keyboard layout not depending from current language settings, enabled by default
* Add vsync workaround for linux opensource drivers

Bugfixes and network layer optimizations

Fix digits input on numpad in numlock mode
Fix local console history not loaded when client is connected to pure server
Stop demo recording on first download packet to avoid recording downloaded data
Skip download blocks parsing during demo playback
Replace some buggy shaders on mapel4b
Fix non-working effect colors is OSP mod
Try to handle some non-fatal errors during shaders loading
A bit faster shader loading
Add support for loading .shaderx files - to add or replace any existing shader
Add "depthFragment" shader stage parameter - to store non-transparent (with alpha >=0.85) fragments into depth buffer, very useful for sprites (cg_simpleitems)
Do not print each loaded shader name in developer mode
Change some client defaults:
cl_maxpackets 30 -> 60
snaps 20 -> 40

Fix: crash caused by long filenames inside pk3 files
Fix: demo filename truncation
Fix: skip gamedata bounds check for dlls

Add: unlagged input for win32 mouse
Add: \in_lagged to simulate old behavior for win32/raw mouse
Chg: clamp \com_yieldCPU values to [0,1]
Chg: increase max allowed \r_displayRefresh value to 250

Fix: switch back to old mod if downloading new mod on \connect has been failed
Chg: use q3config_server.cfg as config file for dedicated server binaries and do not write key bindings to that as well
Chg: increase SHADER_MAX_VERTEXES from 1000 to 1536
Misc: reduce CPU usage on server side

Add: \r_mapGrayScale
Chg: alphabetically sort cvars for \writeconfig, will affect \cvarlist too
Fix: renderer crash on negative \r_fullscreen values
Misc: add SSE math to QVM, speed optimizations

Add: backport and use alternative huffman encoder from uberdemotools - means reduced CPU usage on server-side
Chg: avi segments naming scheme to "filename-NN.avi" instead of corrupting extension by '_' suffix
Chg: max avi file size to 4GB
Fix: black video frames with \r_faskSky 1
Fix: crash on video recording
Fix: reversed timescale during video recording
Fix: check for ZIP archive signature before writing any received data
Fix: several bugs in video recording code

Add: new snapshot system with reduced CPU/Hunk memory usage on dedicated servers

full changelog >>//www

Re: Quake3 1.32e

PostPosted: 2011-02-17 15:17:35
by LeopolD
As mentioned in the ESR thread,
./quake3e +connect
puts quake3e in an infinite loop while loading the map, like constantly doing a vid_restart.
Tested on 2 OSP servers.

System is OpenSuSE 11.3, i386 with ATI drivers (fglrx)

Oh, and don't forget to release the source before the GPL-zealots get mad at you:P

Re: Quake3 1.32e

PostPosted: 2011-02-18 09:17:54
by Cyrax
Thanks for report ;) Its OSP-specific behavior, however fix is ready, updated zip will be posted a bit later with other small fixes.
Source file named quake3-1.32e-src.7z and located in the same directory

Re: Quake3 1.32e

PostPosted: 2011-02-18 13:37:07
by LeopolD
Cool, thx. Stupid me ofc did not check against other mods, shame on me:)

Re: Quake3 1.32e

PostPosted: 2011-02-18 19:53:04
by Cyrax
Archive updated, needs your feedback :)

Re: Quake3 1.32e

PostPosted: 2011-02-18 21:14:06
by LeopolD
Hmm, link still seems to point to the old one (md5sum is the same). Source, however, is there.
But maybe I'm too tired, will try again tomorrow:)

Re: Quake3 1.32e

PostPosted: 2011-02-18 21:22:52
by LeopolD
Compiled it, seems to be fixed, thx:D

Re: Quake3 1.32e

PostPosted: 2011-02-22 20:12:10
by LeopolD
I think I found another one. When started with:
./quake3e +set fs_game cpma
(latest release of CPMA) and then going to the demo browser via menu, only the pk3-ed demos are shown (four.dm_68 (baseq3), apheleon_cpm15.dm_68 (cpma)) and a few others.
So it seems to not look at baseq3/demos on the filesystem. ioquake3 works.
Again Linux x86 32bit as above.

Re: Quake3 1.32e

PostPosted: 2011-02-23 19:07:06
by Cyrax
LeopolD wrote:So it seems to not look at baseq3/demos on the filesystem.
Thanks for feedback, fixed :) Also added \r_mode -2 - sets current desktop mode (just like in QL)

Re: Quake3 1.32e

PostPosted: 2011-02-24 20:23:40
by LeopolD
Cyrax wrote:Thanks for report ;) Its OSP-specific behavior, however fix is ready, updated zip will be posted a bit later with other small fixes.
Source file named quake3-1.32e-src.7z and located in the same directory

Arrgh, didn't test proberly. Now the vid_restart (at least not looping:) happens after warmup count down is finished.