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Quake3 1.32e

PostPosted: 2010-12-16 20:44:14
by Cyrax
This is improved client (based on early source dump of ioquake3, r1160) for playing Quake 3 Arena mods, introduces many fixes and improvements comparing to last official ID's 1.32c version

Can be downloaded from ...
Permanent link to latest binary:
Sources now located in public Quake3e github repository

Current multiview patch
Multiview binaries will be not built in near future due to incoming server code changes

If you have any questions - join

List of major changes/features:
* 64-bit support
* many security, performance and bug fixes
* much improved autocompletion (map, demo, exec and other commands)
* unlagged raw(win32) mouse input
* \in_minimize - hotkey for minimize/restore main window (direct replacement for Q3Minimizer)
* reduced CPU usage due to highly optimized and secure QVM (Quake Virtual Machine)
* reduced hunk memory usage for dedicated servers
* reduced zone memory usage, improved memory management
* per-pixel dynamic lights
* fast and high-quality bloom with reflections
* fast client downloads (native + http/ftp redirection)
* ALSA support


* Slightly speedup collision detection for win64-msvc builds
* Added \r_defaultImage cvar - to replace the default (missing texture) images, can either point on external filename or specify solid color texture in (hex) formats: "#rgb" or "#rrggbb"
* Removed obsolete \com_maxfpsMinimized
* Synced \snaps with \sv_fps for localhost client
* Properly reflected \sv_fps changes for connected clients
* Reduced memory & CPU usage
* Fixed adjacent texels leaking in merged lightmaps
* ioq3: Make 'globalservers 0' fetch all masters
* Marked \sv_master[1..3] as CVAR_INIT to prevent overriding them by spoiled configuration files
* Fixed root of 14-years-old q3msgboom bug
* Misc. improvements and bugfixes

* New server-side client connection code (no more "getchallenge" flooding, reduced CPU usage)
* Removed \sv_minPing and \sv_maxPing cvars
* Changed \r_dlightScale to 0.5 by default to match VQ3'dlights radius/intensity
* Fixed grid collision geometry to be more equal in 32-bit and 64-bit modes
* Fixed non-working \reconnect in some cases
* Misc. fixes and improvements

* Added unified lightmaps, enabled by default, can be disabled by \r_mergeLightmaps 0
* Changed default \com_hunkMegs from 96 to 128 for client and from 56 to 64 for server
* Reverted condump changes
* Drop error to local client on gamestate overflow
* ioq3: Fix exploit to bypass filename restrictions on Windows

* Improved QVM memory isolation
* Improved QVM interpreter performance
* Improved cvar security
* Reduced GPU usage when minimized
* Fixed MSAA on Intel HD 530
* Fixed non-working console scrolling in windowed mode with raw input and opened console
* Fixed crash caused by \timescale 0
* Condumps now will be saved in upper level directory, not mod directory

* Added experimental "screenMap" texture support for shader stages, can be used for real-time on-hand weapon reflections
* Fixed viewport/scissor with \r_fastSky 1
* Fixed depth range for inserted dynamic lights
* Fixed wrong ping times at high uptime

* Added range checks for \sv_timeout and \sv_zombietime cvars to avoid using values that may break server functionality
* Improved server-side flood protection (\sv_floodProtect 1), might be considered as really usable now
* Removed unused \sv_showloss cvar
* Misc. bugfixes

* Faster map loading
* Do not take (blank) screenshots and print warning when minimized and FBO is not active
* Always save CPU when minimized
* Slightly optimized VBO rendering and fixed \r_showtris colors with VBO

full changelog >>//www

Re: Quake3 1.32e

PostPosted: 2011-02-17 15:17:35
by LeopolD
As mentioned in the ESR thread,
./quake3e +connect
puts quake3e in an infinite loop while loading the map, like constantly doing a vid_restart.
Tested on 2 OSP servers.

System is OpenSuSE 11.3, i386 with ATI drivers (fglrx)

Oh, and don't forget to release the source before the GPL-zealots get mad at you:P

Re: Quake3 1.32e

PostPosted: 2011-02-18 09:17:54
by Cyrax
Thanks for report ;) Its OSP-specific behavior, however fix is ready, updated zip will be posted a bit later with other small fixes.
Source file named quake3-1.32e-src.7z and located in the same directory

Re: Quake3 1.32e

PostPosted: 2011-02-18 13:37:07
by LeopolD
Cool, thx. Stupid me ofc did not check against other mods, shame on me:)

Re: Quake3 1.32e

PostPosted: 2011-02-18 19:53:04
by Cyrax
Archive updated, needs your feedback :)

Re: Quake3 1.32e

PostPosted: 2011-02-18 21:14:06
by LeopolD
Hmm, link still seems to point to the old one (md5sum is the same). Source, however, is there.
But maybe I'm too tired, will try again tomorrow:)

Re: Quake3 1.32e

PostPosted: 2011-02-18 21:22:52
by LeopolD
Compiled it, seems to be fixed, thx:D

Re: Quake3 1.32e

PostPosted: 2011-02-22 20:12:10
by LeopolD
I think I found another one. When started with:
./quake3e +set fs_game cpma
(latest release of CPMA) and then going to the demo browser via menu, only the pk3-ed demos are shown (four.dm_68 (baseq3), apheleon_cpm15.dm_68 (cpma)) and a few others.
So it seems to not look at baseq3/demos on the filesystem. ioquake3 works.
Again Linux x86 32bit as above.

Re: Quake3 1.32e

PostPosted: 2011-02-23 19:07:06
by Cyrax
LeopolD wrote:So it seems to not look at baseq3/demos on the filesystem.
Thanks for feedback, fixed :) Also added \r_mode -2 - sets current desktop mode (just like in QL)

Re: Quake3 1.32e

PostPosted: 2011-02-24 20:23:40
by LeopolD
Cyrax wrote:Thanks for report ;) Its OSP-specific behavior, however fix is ready, updated zip will be posted a bit later with other small fixes.
Source file named quake3-1.32e-src.7z and located in the same directory

Arrgh, didn't test proberly. Now the vid_restart (at least not looping:) happens after warmup count down is finished.