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Edawn 1.6

Postby Cyrax » 2017-11-09 14:24:45

You can download win32 installer or full archive or mod-only package (i.e. without custom binaries) for experienced/linux users

Installation for experienced users: remove any other *.pk3 files you have in edawn directory, extract zip archive contents in your Quake III Arena game folder

* Add \cg_railTrailRadius and utilize linear dynamic lights from Quake3e engine
* Add \g_predictPVS - to predict visible entities, enabled by default
* Relink floatfix with new 1.32e extension interface
* Update server browser:
- add server name filter
- remove punkbuster support
- add all servers then sort on the fly
* Remove unused cl_conXOffset cvar
* No denied reward for connecting clients
* Fix client reconnect
* Fix item allocation in G_Spawn()
* Fix player model fov in UI
* Swap F11 and F12 function in UI
* Disable overbounce on respawn
* Set only first intermission spawnspot to match VQ3 behavior
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