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Postby Clint » 2016-12-01 08:43:13

I've usually run into walls asking this, but would there be a chance for a release
of source code for this mod?
The recommendation and praise I've heard is impressive. Just browsing the fixes
and improvements, it's not hard to see that what I've heard is well deserved.
Powerweapons is one of the older mods, and I'm the owner. As far as I know,
I'm one of the few,if not the only, developer currently working on a mod of this scale.
It was born around the time of Hellfire, Alternate Fire and Corncobmod, and
might be older than them, they all have a lot in common, but each, of course,
has it's own unique features.
I actually inherited the Pwrgunsv3 and Powerweaponsv8 mods and have been
working on Pwrweaps the last 11 years.
So, introductions aside, I've been looking at popular mods like OSP, and of course
there is no chance of acquiring any of that source code.
The reason I'm asking is, I'd like to bring Powerweapons up to date with the most current
and bug fixed version. It already has bug fixes from CPMA and ioq3. But as I
understand it, ioq3, even as far as they have come is still buggy...
I'm not creating a build, Pwrgunsv3 is a server/client mod, and Powerweapons is
server side only. So if I'm not mistaken, I'd need actual code to benefit from edawn,
correct me if I'm wrong.
A private release of specific partial code would be great if not a full integration.
I'm no programmer, and features like what edawn offers would tighten up
Powerweapons enormously, giving the modern options it would take me centuries
to figure out.
Also as far as I know, Powerweapons is the only grapple mod to go Pro... as in, using
the onhand grapple, as opposed to the offhand noob grapple.
Please consider this, I'm a respectable mod'er and would never release code that was
not intended for public release... Yes or no, thanks in advance for your consideration.
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Re: Release

Postby Cyrax » 2016-12-16 11:03:06

Sorry for delayed reply.
Releasing whole code in single batch or so - not a near-future task.
However I see no problems with sharing parts of edawn code or any kind of help 8-)
Try to catch me or Kyto on #edawn quakenet' or #ioquake3 freenet' irc servers
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Re: Release

Postby Clint » 2016-12-17 04:14:33

Slow response is fine. This is going nowhere fast either. Thank you.

I'm encouraged to hear this. I was pointed to your site by a big fan. I will contact her
and find out more about her understanding of edawn and what she liked about it.
This will help me work with you folks.

Powerweapons has taken a turn thanks to her too. I went back after playing plain
vanilla q3 and hated the on-hand pro version I've created.
I'll be going back and re-doing the mod and while I'm at it, some of the very cool
features of edawn, might make for a great come-back of Powerweapons.

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