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New edawn mod...

PostPosted: 2018-03-16 03:00:39
by Clint
It's been awhile, but I've finally got a good direction. I'd like to create a new
edawn mod. I'd been working on a mod for ioquake3 and almost had it like 99% done.
I couldn't get any help and it just kind sat. Until another player who loves edawn
told me that they wanted just the kind of thing I was working on.
Team Arena weapons, added to the regular game... I have all the code I need,
I just need your help with whatever edawn code would be needed for the mod
from the game directory. It will be server side only.

Re: New edawn mod...

PostPosted: 2018-03-21 12:27:29
by Cyrax
join this discord channel
it is much better for responsive conversation