Q3e and m_filter.

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Q3e and m_filter.

Postby no_il » 2011-10-04 17:53:06


I use Q3e for playing mostly cpma and edawn. It seems to me that m_filter doesn't work. I'm useing in_mouse 1 and while the raw input is great I would like something to smooth out my mouse movement and m_filter doesnt seem to be working.

I've also tried different in_mouse values and was wondering how they work. Do they work the same as with a quake3.exe client (-1 = windows mouse input, 0 = no mouse input, 1 = direct mouse input, 2 = raw mouse input) or is it different? it seems to me that in_mouse 1 is the most "raw" form of mouse input. My main issue though once again is that I can't get m_filter to work and was wondering if there is a different command that does the same action or wether it just doesnt support mouse filtering.

Thx a,lot. Please reply to me here or on Irc (nick = no_il).
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Re: Q3e and m_filter.

Postby Cyrax » 2011-10-05 09:42:26

Valid in_mouse values (windows-specific):
-1 - windows input
0 - no mouse input
1 - raw input (or DirectInput if OS is older than WindowsXP)

m_filter worked fine for my case (wireless mouse)
As I can see - it just performs interpolation between two mouse coordinates (current and previous) - which may be not enough if your mouse lags too much
Another possible reason - your mouse/driver sends data too often (500+Hz) so you simply can't feel any difference from 2ms smoothing or so
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